The world doesn't understand you,<br />
    but that doesn't matter. <br />
    You've got your poetry.

The world doesn't understand you,
but that doesn't matter.
You've got your poetry.


5 books written over the course of my adult lifecopyright @ Chicago, IL 1994-2013


One does not read a poem
One enters into it as an adventure
Through the doorway of delicate words
Spread rhythmically on the page
One feels the experience
Thereby gaining ownership of it
One does not read a poem
With the agenda of knowing the poet's mind
Or heart
Or soul
It has nothing to do with the poet
And everything to do
With you


I am not a great poet and won't even pretend that my works should be put on Amazon or even put in hardcover book form. I am on occasion a good poet, I think, so I have added a “Donate Button” to my web page. It just seems an OK thing to do.

I also have lived a life and my poetry represents a life lived through one of the most turbulent times of history, or, so it seems to me. Viet Nam, Civil Rights Movement, Women's Movement, Gay Rights, Redefinition of Gender Roles, Inventions that could never have been imagined and are quite scary in their implications. In light of all this and more, it was not easy to go from a girl who grew up in North Vernon, Indiana, who could never have imagined, I mean never imagined, becoming a lawyer or being educated and so the story goes.

Some of my poetry is raw, some disrespectful, and some funny but it is all sincere, genuine and lives somewhere in my being. So I hope you enjoy some of it. I hope you are repelled by some of it. Most of all I hope you find traces of my inner most thoughts in yourself and feel authenticated.

Good luck and thank you for reading my "stuff".

Reputation of de Poeet

I wonder if every poet
Is subject to speculation
About who they really are
As supposed through their jottings
If so, then no wonder at all
That we are supposed crazed
Those of us who dare
To write out loud
That which crawls around in the universal belly